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In May 2012, new regulations were made enforcable, which state that website owners must gain consent from visitors before using cookies to track visitors on their website.

Cookies, what are those?

A cookie is a small piece of information which a website uses to store information on your computer. This allows the website to remember content from page to page, or to remember preferences set by a visitor. Cookies can be essential for web forms (for example, sending an email from a web page, contacting the website owner with a query, etc)

Most modern websites will use cookies to enhance the user experience of their site, or to gain information on how visitors are using the site. The later can help the website owner to improve the website usability. In most cases these cookies are removed when you close your browser, unless of course they are used to remember a visitor's preferences

More information is available at allaboutcookies

What we use cookies for

We use cookies to enhance the usability and user experience of our site.

Session cookies

The main use of cookies are for our web forms which you use to provide information when you contact us. These cookies are deleted by your web browser when you close it.

Persistent cookies

Persistent cookies are used to remember information the next time you visit the site. We currently only use persistent cookies for remembering if you previously accepted use of cookies on our site.

3rd party cookies

3rd party cookies are cookies created by an external website or by a 3rd party software package. We do not currently use 3rd party cookies